Samsung touch screen display switch failure specific problem
The touch switch in the lower right corner of the Samsung touch screen display does not work, and the indicator light does not light. The main unit is turned on normally, but the power can only be turned off to shut down.
Samsung touch screen display solution
1. Check if the monitor cable is firmly and reliably inserted into the host interface, and then check whether the contact between the graphics card and the motherboard I/O slot is good;
2. If the other monitor computer is started normally, the original monitor may be damaged;
3. Check if the CPU fan is running.
4. You can remove all components except the CPU, graphics card, and memory stick, and then power on to start the computer. If there is a problem with the memory, there should be an alarm sound. If there is no alarm sound, then change the CPU and turn it on again. If the computer is still black, it is recommended to replace the motherboard;
5. Whether the system installs software and update patches, if any, please uninstall the update files;
6. After the computer installs the software, the restart is being updated, resulting in a black screen, waiting for the update to complete;
7. You can repair the computer in safe mode. If you can’t enter the safe mode, please reinstall the system.

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