Siemens PLC maintenance and repair steps:

First, maintenance procedures, equipment, regular testing, adjustment regulations

(1) Check the connection status of the terminal blocks in the PLC cabinet every six months or quarters, and re-firmly connect in case of loosening;

(2) Re-measure the working voltage monthly for the power supply to the host in the cabinet;

Second, the provisions of regular cleaning equipment

(1) Clean the PLC every six months or quarters, cut off the power supply to the PLC, remove the power supply rack, the CPU main board, and the input/output board one by one, clean them in sequence, and then install them in-situ. After all connections are restored, power is transmitted and the PLC host is started. Seriously clean the inside of the PLC box;

(2) Replace the filter below the power supply rack every three months;

Third, pre-service preparation, maintenance procedures

(1) Ready tools before overhaul;

(2) In order to ensure that the components do not fail and the module is not damaged, protective devices must be used and the anti-static preparation must be carefully performed;

(3) Before the overhaul, contact the dispatcher and operator, hang the inspection card and hang the inspection card;

Fourth, equipment disassembly order and method

(1) Shutdown and maintenance must be performed by more than two persons;

(2) Turn the mode selection switch on the front panel of the CPU from “RUN” to “STOP”;

(3) Turn off the main power supply of the PLC power supply, and then turn off the other power supply to the module.

(4) After the power cord connected to the power supply shelf is marked with the line number and connection position, remove it, and then remove the screws that connect the power supply rack and the cabinet. The power supply rack can be removed;

(5) The CPU main board and I/O board can be removed after the screw under the rotating template;

(6) Install in reverse order;

Fifth, maintenance process and technical requirements

(1) When measuring voltage, use a digital voltmeter or a universal meter with a precision of 1% to measure

(2) power supply rack, CPU motherboard can only be removed when the main power is cut off;

(3) Before the RAM module is removed from the CPU or inserted into the CPU, it is necessary to disconnect the power of the PC so as to ensure that the data is not confused;

(4) Before removing the RAM module, check whether the module battery is working properly. If the battery fault light is on, removing the module PAM content will be lost;

(5) The main power supply should be turned off before the input/output board is removed, but the I/O board can also be removed while the programmable controller is operating, if needed, but the QVZ (timeout) light on the CPU board is on;

(6) When inserting and inserting the template, be cautious, gently handle it, and transport it away from static electricity.

(7) Replacement elements must not be charged;

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