The coolant temperature sensor has a thermistor inside. When the temperature of the coolant changes, the partial pressure value measured by the ECU through the THW terminal changes, and the ECU determines the coolant temperature based on the partial pressure value. It is installed in the engine block water jacket or coolant line and is in contact with the coolant to detect the engine coolant temperature. The ECU receives the temperature signal and corrects the injection time and ignition time.

The role of the coolant temperature sensor:

1. It is responsible for controlling the concentration of the mixed vapor. The lower the temperature, the thicker the mixed vapor; the higher the temperature, the thinner the mixed vapor.

2. Responsible for controlling the engine speed when warming up, the speed below 40 °C is 1500r/min, and the speed of 40~70°C is 1100r/min.

3. Responsible for controlling the radiator fan, starting at a low speed above 85 °C and starting at a high speed at 105 °C.

4. Responsible for controlling the automatic transmission. The torque converter above 56°C enters the locking condition, and the 70°C transmission is allowed to enter the overspeed.

5, responsible for controlling air conditioning, 120 °C air conditioning exit control.

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