The difference between gas analysis instruments and gas detection instruments:

1. Different instrument structure

The gas detection instrument has a relatively simple structure and includes only a probe (sensor) and a sensor signal conversion circuit portion. The gas analysis instrument is not only equipped with a probe (sensor) but also a complete gas system, which introduces the sample gas into the instrument and leads to a complete pneumatic system for emptying or recycling the instrument.

2. Different detection methods

The gas detection alarm is directly exposed to the air to be tested or the sample atmosphere for detection. In the gas analysis instrument, the gas to be measured (sample gas) is introduced into the instrument through a special method for measurement, and then the instrument is vented outside.

3. Different control methods for measuring conditions

The gas detection and alarm device does not have the adjustment and control part of the technical conditions of the sample gas process, and it also directly tests without considering the environmental conditions in which the sample gas exists.

A complete set of pneumatic system and external supporting equipment supported by the gas analysis instrument constitute a complete set of chemical process. The gas analysis instrument internally adjusts the working conditions of the sample gas to achieve normal and stable operation of the sensor. Purpose, this is the guarantee that the gas analysis instrument can obtain accurate measurement data.

4. Different methods of operation to complete the measurement process

When the gas detection alarm is applied, the instrument only needs to place the instrument in the atmosphere to be tested, and the instrument can display the value. The gas analysis instrument must carefully introduce the sample gas into the instrument, and then strictly adjust the technical conditions, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc., only when the operator adjusts the instrument until a stable chemical process is achieved. Accurate measurement of data. The data obtained before this time is incorrect and must be discarded.

5. In the detection process, the way to eliminate interference factors is different.

The gas detection alarm device measures the sensor directly in a large ambient atmosphere. The structure design of the instrument and the actual use detection process do not consider the factors of interference measurement in the large ambient atmosphere, and do not have the ability to eliminate various interference factors. Designing ability. Gas analysis instruments must fully consider the internal and external factors affecting the measurement during design selection and use testing, and must be carefully excluded one by one to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the test data. Otherwise, an influential factor is improperly ignored, which is unacceptable and unacceptable for testing.

6. The accuracy of the data is different

Gas detection instruments can only provide qualitative analysis results and relatively quantitative quantitative analysis data. The data displayed by this instrument cannot withstand the scrutiny and cannot be analyzed for error (because only the analysis data deviates from the true value to be able to talk about “error”) Therefore, measures for important process improvement adjustments cannot be determined (determined) as accurate analytical data at all. The gas analysis instrument is a strict measuring instrument, which can provide very accurate data during quantitative analysis. This data can be used as a basis for gas production and safety production improvement and improvement, and it can be used to guide and carry out production. Management, quality management and business management. Even this data can be used as an important basis for judicial criminal investigation work, and it can be used to make a lawsuit to determine the boundaries between right and wrong.
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