Yaskawa servo drive common fault code

A.00 Absolute data error Abnormal data cannot be accepted or Absolute data accepted Abnormal

A.02 Parameter destruction The “sum check” result of the user constant is abnormal
A.04 User Constant Setting Error The set “user constant” exceeds the setting range
A.10 Current is too high Power transistor current is too large
A.30 Detecting Regeneration Abnormality Regeneration Circuit Abnormity
A.31 Position deviation pulse overflow position deviation pulse is beyond the value of user constant “overflow (Cn-1E)”
A.40 Measured Abnormal Main Circuit Voltage Abnormally
A.51 Speed ​​too high Motor rotation speed exceeds detection level
A.71 Ultra-high load Larger than rated torque running for several seconds – tens of seconds
A.72 Ultra-low load Continuous operation over rated torque
A.80 Absolute encoder error Absolute value encoder has an abnormal number of pulses
A.81 Absolute encoder backup error Absolute encoder’s three power supplies (+5v, battery pack internal capacitor) are dead
A.82 Absolute Encoder and Number Verification Error The result of “sum check” in absolute encoder memory is abnormal
A.83 Absolute encoder battery pack error Absolute encoder battery pack voltage is abnormal
A.84 Absolute value data error in absolute encoder data error
A.85 Absolute Encoder Overspeed Absolute Encoder With power supply, speed up to 400r/min or more
A.A1 Heatsink Overheating Servo Unit Heatsink Overheating
A.b1 Command input read error The servo unit CPU cannot detect the command input
A.C1 servo out of control Servo motor (encoder) out of control
A.C2 Detected encoder phase difference Abnormal phase of A, B, C three-phase output of encoder
A.C3 Encoder Phase A, Phase B Broken Encoder Phase A, Phase B Broken
A.C4 Encoder C phase breakage Encoder C phase break
A.F1 power line phase missing Main power phase is not connected
A.F3 instantaneous power failure error In alternating current, power outage occurred for more than one power cycle
CPF00 Digital Operator Communication Error – 1 Cannot communicate with the SERVOPACK after 5 seconds of power on
CPF01 Digital Operator Communication Error -2 5 Data Communication Failures
A.99 No error display Shows normal operation status

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